Wedding planners checklist

Planning a wedding can be a nightmare, or it can be a great experience, hence a “Wedding planners checklist” just for you. With your partner, the two of you can create a fantastic memory, ask them where they would like to be involved, and start the journey together. Do you have religious or cultural considerations that will influence your choices, make sure you and your partner have discussed these to prevent problems.

We have created a 12 month wedding planner for you to ensure your bookings are done in time. Some venues are booked even more in advance.

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Our Gallery has a few examples of weddings we have done

12th month pre-wedding

  • Buy a wedding journal to write down all the planning elements, and contact details
  • Choose date which suits you & your partner. If you are battling to find one, choose 3 dates and see which one fits your venue as well
  • Budget – draw up available budget. Remember the marriage, do you need a wedding planner (can you afford one). Remember the marriage is more important than the wedding, be careful of starting off a marriage with too much debt as this causes extra unnecessary stress
  • How many ceremonies will there be e.g. A formal ceremony and then a reception, family only celebrations etc. Some weddings do a big ceremony, but to help with cost, have a smaller reception. Others, where there are many people with greater diversity of people, have a small ceremony and larger reception.
  • Start looking at wedding dresses and suits
  • Decide on a wedding party, if you want one, who and how many do you want:
    *Best man/men
    *Flower girls
    *Ring bearers

With wedding budget in hand, search for venues, – remember the season will be different, this needs to be taken into account:

Different venues have different pros and cons: 

Pros Cons
Church/Mosque/Synagogue Traditional, possibly lower costs. More variance allowed for lateness Space limitation, alcohol / dancing often not permitted
Beach Beautiful, romantic Unpredictable weather, limits on wedding gowns and clothing worn; sand in your wedding cake! Need a venue for reception.
Garden Beautiful, relaxing Seasonal, weather unpredictable, might needs to hire a marquees, sound doesn’t carry, need space for parking, affects clothing worn
Restaurant / hotel Organised for you, good in all types of weather, generally there is a place available somewhere although it might not be the venue you are looking for. Cost, limits amount people, needs early booking. Time bound, booking a venue from 15h00 and coming at 16h00 means that you have lost an hour and then next event starts at 17h00 whether you are finished or not.
Mountain retreat Romantic, once in a lifetime Food needs to be brought, travel arrangements needs to be made for guests. For a formal reception, rather book through a wedding venue in the area.
  • Decide on wedding invitation – electronic or printed?
  • RSVP’s should be in a month before the wedding date
  • Deposits are paid to confirm bookings

11th Month pre-wedding:


  • Wedding photographer
  • Which wedding equipment will you need? Wedding furniture for hire such as tables, chairs, tablecloths and chair covers
  • Marquees hire
  • Book sound system for ceremony and reception
  • Research a DJ for the day
  • Research musicians / DJ /Band – for the reception and ceremony.
  • Lighting / staging
  • Guest list. Create an A and B list. A will include those that are priority eg family. Closest friends, those from far away. B will include people you would really like, but there isnt enough room. This list will fill up those that cannot make the wedding from the A list
  • Choose wedding dress/wedding suit and veil
  • Book person officiating at the wedding

10th month pre-wedding:

  • Bookings should all have been done
  • Start looking at different wedding cakes
  • Start looking at table decorations
  • Send out the save the date notifications
  • Wedding rings chosen and ordered
  • Find accommodation venue suggestions for guests for them to book

9th month pre-weddings

  • Start creating table list which will get filled up
  • Follow-up on what bridal party will be wearing
  • Start planning of the honeymoon
  • Make sure musicians and sound equipment are booked and deposit paid
  • Book décor
  • Give bridal party requests to those of the bridal party

8th month pre-wedding

  • Decide on hair and make-up and book
  • Table seating list started
  • Book a facial/hair appointment a week before the event, never the day before in case you have a reaction to the products.
  • Start looking at wedding cakes
  • Book fittings for bridal party clothes/dresses/suits
  • Pick up wedding rings and keep safely

7th month pre-wedding

  • Create gift registries
  • Write down lists of RSVP in your wedding journal to remember who said what

6th month pre-wedding

  • Flowers or hall decoration
  • Follow up on bridal party fittings / dresses / suits
  • Order a wedding cake
  • Send out final invitations

5th month pre-wedding

  • Plan guest gifts
  • Book confetti/rose petals
  • Confirm musicians booking
  • Confirm bookings with officials and hiring companies
  • Where there are changes, eg someone pulls out of a booking, find the replacement

4th Month pre-wedding

  • Do decide on vows
  • Plan the ceremony with your partner and officiating person
  • Start marriage counselling course
  • Buy a guest book
  • Create a plan for the wedding day – who does what when

3rd month pre-wedding

  • Do a pre-run for hair and make-up
  • Book hair and make-up for the bridal party
  • Finalise the menu with the venue
  • Confirm hotel/accommodation bookings where relevant (guests should preferably be in control of their own accommodation bookings)
  • Send final invitations where places are available to guest list B
  • Confirm bridal party dresses / suits are fitting and in good order

2nd month pre-wedding

  • Do dress/suit fittings
  • Finalise music playlists and send to musicians
  • Confirm bookings for staging/lighting/DJ equipment
  • Confirm DJ

3 – 4 weeks pre-wedding

  • Pick up wedding rings
  • Create final table lists
  • Buy and break in wedding shoes
  • Practice run of the ceremony with the bridal party, especially for younger participants
  • Decide on program, who will carry the rings and the order of service
  • Fetch wedding dress, bridal party dresses and flower girls dresses

2 weeks pre-wedding

  • Delegate the wedding day tasks to bridal party
  • Part of the task list:
    Returning of hired dresses/suits
    Placing guest bookings
    Understanding program for the day

1 week pre-wedding

  • Have a spa day!
  • Make sure your home is ready to be left alone while on honeymoon
  • Deliver guest gifts to venue
  • Confirm details with the wedding venue
  • Confirm photographer, video-grapher, cake, flowers, wedding official and event equipment hire – ensure the address is correct that is given to the vendors.
  • Practice your vows
  • Create speeches

1 day pre-wedding

  • Do last practice run at the venue with the bridal party
  • Check seating arrangements and all guests on on the list
  • As you will notice, this is not the day to be running around crazy, but your wedding planning should be sorted
  • Put out bridal gown, bridesmaids and flower girls dresses
  • Put wedding rings ready with vows