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Audio Visual Equipment Hire

Audio-visual equipment for hire Johannesburg, Centurion, Pretoria, and surrounds

Are you hosting a conference or meeting, wedding, party or workshop that needs renting /hiring of audio visual equipment ? Do you need to hire a data or video projector, LED HD flatscreen or multimedia player?
Event Gear rents out audio visual equipment in Johannesburg, Centurion and the Vaal area.
Audio equipment hire covers anything that entails hearing, eg Microphones, sound systems, DJ boxes, audio recording equipment.
The visual equipment covers what can been seen eg. projection screens, LED screens etc.
If you are hosting a conference, workshop or function, in the typical presentation, the presenter provides the audio by speaking, and supplements it with a series of images projected onto a screen from a laptop connected to a data projector.
Using multi-media in your presentation includes multiple senses and it will strengthen your chances of your audience remembering your brand for longer. If you want to get your message across to your clients or market this is the way to do it.

Audio Visual equipment has been proven to enhance the learning and understanding, as well as the information recall times of the candidates. Being able to use multiple senses increases the amount of information set in the long term memory and makes the information given that much more powerful and memorable.

Audio visual equipment can be hired for :

*Weddings eg show the bride and groom in a presentation

*Funerals – Have ongoing presentations about the loved ones life

*Workshops and conferences – audio visual equipment vastly improves the efficacy of the training

*Parties –  be heard and seen, hire  audio – visual equipment to advertise your sponsors products

*Charity events – Audio visual displays can get your charity more exposure

*School and college events – hire audio visual equipment on ad-hoc basis for functions, events, special assemblies.

*Product shows to present your product and draw attention using the audio visual equipment

Hiring / renting audio-visual equipment makes sense as you improve the value of your presentation, reduces the cost by hiring equipment instead of buying; and promotes your products in the most effective way. Hiring audio visual equipment removes the hassle letting us do what we do best.

We also hire out staging, lighting and sound systems which can be used in conjunction with the audio visual equipment hire.

Using audiovisual equipment in presentations

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Typical Audiovisual equipment includes:

  • Various sizes of projection screens with either front or rear projection capabilities
  • Data and video projectors
  • Outdoor and indoor LED screens
  • DVD and multimedia players
  • Presenter aids
  • LED HD Flat screens on stands.
  • Laptops
  • Switchers and presentation control equipment
  • Signal processing.