Live Streaming


In the new COVID-19 world, we have a need to find ways to connect with, share information, or distribute content to large numbers of people. Which means Live Streaming is now relevant than ever before it is also a great alternative to having in-person events. Live Streaming may seem simple but it requires a lot of equipment and expertise to correctly setup and ensure both the presenter and viewers have a good experience. EventGear are experts in audio and visual equipment and are able to help you setup a professional live stream environment that will help you deliver a top-notch event.


Things You Should Consider for Live Streaming

Having back up equipment is essential – If something breaks or doesn’t work when you need to start streaming to your viewers, it’s going to be a problem. Using EventGear for your Live Streaming events ensures that all equipment will be working and ready to go when it’s time to start and should anything go wrong – our experts are on hand to deal with the situation and get you up and running.

Studies have shown that audio is a lot more important to your viewers than visual. If the visuals freeze for a second but the viewers can still hear what is going on, they can stay involved with the content and updated to engage when the visuals are back.

Tips for your Live Stream

  1. Keep your gaze near the camera, not on the monitor. We know it’s tempting to make sure your appearance is 100%, but your viewers will notice if you don’t look at the camera.
  2. Ensure bandwidth availability – Make sure the internet connection you will be using is strong and secure enough to broadcast your stream
  3. Give yourself a lot of prep time – With Event Gear you won’t have to worry about any setup so that gives you plenty of time  to go over your material and make sure you are ready for the stream

Events to Live Stream

Live Streaming is a great option for in-person events that need to be limited or can’t take place.

Live Streaming your church service is a great way to make sure your parishioners can still receive your message without endangering themselves or others.

Classes and school curriculum is another great option for a Live Stream – Presenting your educational material in this way allows many more users to join and benefit from what you have to offer

The entertainment industry is one of the industries that have struggled the most during this pandemic. And is also an industry that can hugely benefit from using Live Streaming services – Live Streaming will allow artists to continue to share and create their art and most importantly – Make an income.

Live Streaming Gear Rental for Events

We can also assist with the following gear for your event: