Exhibition Stand and Harnessing Lighting to Demand Attention and Inspire Wonder.

“Surely. The world is full of wonder, you just have to let the light, show you it..”

Exhibition Stand

Tips in designing exhibition stand for best presentation

Having a exhibition stand for exhibiting is a great way of increasing brand exposure and awareness, attracting potential buyers, and shaking hands with existing clients. Here are some tips in designing exhibition stands 

Many exhibitors don’t consider lighting as an essential design element, but effective exhibition lighting plays a significant role in the outcome of your exhibition stand design and layout. On a very basic level, lighting allows visitors to clearly read text and view displays. But on a deeper level, it can convey a certain atmosphere and image.

Lighting does this by:

  • Improving visuals and graphics
  • Highlighting certain areas of your stand
  • Using colour manipulation to create spaces
  • Creating contrasts with the rest of the stand and the show hall

Which will in turn..

Ensure your brand and marketing message are quickly and clearly announced, and drive traffic to your exhibition stand.

Research suggests that using lighting on your display system can increase awareness of your exhibition stand by 30 – 50%.
Studies show that people are attracted to spaces with wall luminance. Design is subjective but human beings are drawn to bright lights.

You’re competing with hundreds and even thousands of brands in one exhibition space. Any point of difference is important, lighting included’

Lighting can also dramatically help emphasise your products.by highlighting a particular area of your exhibition stand and bringing attention to a particular product or service you are offering or introducing..

Exhibition Stand Tip #1: Exhibition Stage Lighting and how to Decide the Spots for Exhibit Lights?


Lighting draws attention to what’s important, and the company logo is probably the most important thing you want to highlight. Along with this, business cards or any other literature are also pretty important to highlight.

Use lights to illuminate your product. Pointing the illumination towards your product displays is essential. Event attendees what to see what you have available. This will ensure that  major display items will receive the immediate attention of the trade show attendees. You can highlight an individual floor model or use a row of lights to brighten a shelf or other display surface.

Make sure to flatter staff they are representing you and your company

You’re not just taking panels and products to the exhibition with you, you’re taking your staff representing your brand  as well. Using warmer lighting temperatures will create a more natural, cooler look which is designed to flatter your staff. Avoid using cooler lighting temperatures that will make your staff slightly blue and less attractive.

Exhibition Stand Tip #2: Design Dimensions and Layers.

Event Gear specialises in lighting and understands the importance of showing up your product.  A house has lights on multiple levels – the ceiling, the walls and the surfaces. Think about how lighting can be used in all three of these levels when planning your exhibition stand lighting.

An exhibition stand designer should draw their visitors in by creating a sense of permanence. An attendee should feel that the exhibition stand is professional and has always been there. This helps them become emotionally invested. This sense of depth is created by using layered lighting, Use accent lighting, task lighting and ambient lighting to build layers and give your exhibition stand a sense of depth.

Make sure to to hide the inner workings. When you set a lamp at home, you make sure that people see the lamp and not the wires. Same rule applies here. Add to the sense of professionalism, by obscuring as much of the workings of your lighting set up as possible.

Exhibition Stand Tip #3: Set The Right Mood

Lighting helps set the mood in your space and emphasize your product and brand attributes, so it’s worth spending a little time considering your objectives. Do your colour temperatures set the right mood or tone across your exhibition stand? Think about your home? You wouldn’t want, intense bright light in the living room, because it’s where you relax? In the same token you wouldn’t want dim lighting in a tasking area, like a kitchen or a study room.

If you are aiming for a sense of fun in your exhibition stand, you want lighting to reflect this. But if you are aiming for a sense of professionalism, you probably want to steer clear of the lasers and the disco ball.

Exhibition Stand Tip #4: Don’t Forget the Role of Natural Light..

Naturally, you would need to consider the role of natural light. You might be designing in the day, when there is ample light through bright windows. Or, you may be parlaying at night, when natural light is dormant and the only light is the static glow from the artificial light within the exhibition hall. Otherwise you might be designing for a day to night affair. In which case you need to take that into account to.

The point here is that natural light creates natural contrasts and shadows, and you need to try and recreate this in an unnatural setting. When designing for an exhibition stand always remember the ambient light you’re designing against.

Exhibition Stand Tip #5: Colour Coded.

Another tip in designing an exhibition stand is to remember colours. Sight is the most complex human sense we currently aim to evaluate. Using the correct use of lighting will have an important impact upon your attendees sense of mood, feelings, and sense of impressions they walk away with. Colour psychology is regarded as an immense tool, and is the main contribution to the creation of perception. It can determine the level of impact an organisation generates, including sending a positive or negative message, encourage sales and draw considerable traffic towards their exhibition stands.

The precise colours you use will likely depend on a range of factors, including the ideas you are trying to present and your established brand colours.

Exhibition Stand Tip #6: Do You ‘Outdoor’ Much?

You may think the sun is a friendly constant, but there’s always a chance the sun may play ‘peekaboo’ with you. Even then, if you have natural light there may be some corner shrouded in shadow. Make sure you are prepared for this, by having key areas of your exhibition stand illuminated.

Exhibition Stand Tip #7: One Foot Forward, One Foot In..

Uuuu… Pshshsh…’ You’ve stepped out of the light, into darkness. Even if you have a light bar in front of your exhibitions stand, it is mostly likely not enough to sustain light for your attendees when they step inside your exhibition stand. And a few lamps and product spotlights aren’t going to answer the problem. Don’t neglect the interior of your exhibitions stand. Make sure you have enough lighting on the inside and the outside of your exhibition stand. That’s enough of ghosts for now..

Exhibition Stand Tip #8: Different Toys to Make Your Exhibition Stand Shine..

LED lights are well renowned for their cool brilliance and environmentally reputation. They are wildly popular, because they burn quicker and last longer. Making LED lights a favourite among exhibition stands.

LED Spotlights –  are an easy and cost effective way to light your space, and illuminate small graphic panels and key products.

LED Floodlights – use to create a uniform wash of illumination over wall and floor displays if you have larger spaces. As the name suggests they will flood your exhibition stand with light.

LED Ropelights – great for adding to shelves, reception counters and platform floors. Rope lighting can be used in various colours and lengths.

LED Lightboxes. – Light boxes are an incredibly effective way create engaging, dynamic event and exhibition stand displays, and will help to make your message or product stand out.

The sophisticated use of lighting in your exhibition stand design makes your staff, logo and information look great and makes the booth as a whole attract attention and entice visitors. giving you the edge over your competitors and clearly getting that all-important marketing message across. Our expert team of project managers, can help you to choose the right lighting your booth needs to dazzle visitors while enhancing the transmission of information. If you want to get in touch with someone from our expert team click here (Be careful there’s a ghost in there)


Don’t forget to tell the organisers you need an electrical point..’MÖÄHÖHÄOOO’