Mixing Desk Rental

Mixing desk rental is an affordable alternative to investing in professional sound equipment. The Event Gear Company specializes in renting sound equipment solutions such as mixing desks to individuals, businesses and corporates to help take their event to the next level.

We can all agree, a core component of any event is the music and speeches; if people can’t dance or cry at the heartwarming speech, your event won’t come across as you want to.

A great way to make sure that your audio comes across as you need is by using a mixing desk. Known by many names like mixing board, mixing desk, mixing console, soundboard, and audio mixer. A sound mixing console is used to create clear and crisp sound.

A mixing desk creates clear sound by merging audio from two or more sources and controlling the result. A sound mixing desk gives the DJ control over the sounds and how they are delivered.

Mixing Desk Rental for Birthday


Ever been to a birthday party that had one static speaker that no one can hear? Don’t let that happen to your guests.
Hire a mixing desk for your next birthday with Event Gear, and you’ll be sure to dance into your new year!


Mixing Desk Rental for Wedding

No one wants to listen to your many aunts breaking down. A mixing desk will allow your DJ to lower the cries from the microphone and instead play a heartfelt tune. Hire a mixing desk for your wedding with Event Gear and save you and your guests ears!


Mixing Desk Rental for Church Service


Using a sound mixing desk at your church service will ensure that everyone attending will be able to hear the message. As well as aid in enhancing any musical elements. Hire a mixing desk for your church service with Event Gear to ensure your message can be heard.


Mixing Desk Rental for Corporate Events


Corporate events are all about interacting and talking with your participants. Using a mixing desk, you will be able to enhance speakers and participant microphones respectively, to make sure your everyone is heard. Hire a mixing desk for your corporate event with Event Gear to make sure you get your message across.

Instead of taking on the massive purchase of a mixing desk, contact us to talk about hiring the sound equipment you need for your event.

We hire out sound system equipment, DJ equipment and sound systems in the Gauteng region (Johannesburg, Pretoria and Midrand) and surrounding areas.


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