A Guide to Picking the Perfect Wedding Furniture

How to navigate table and chair rentals..

So, you’ve picked your venue, you’ve picked your cake -and you’ve picked your groom, what’s next to pick? The furniture. The tables and chairs for your wedding may be a small task, but if you’re a first time wedding planner, with no previous experience, well..

It’s only the most important day of your life.

You need some clever planning and cunning wisdom to execute your strategy.

Luckily, for you we’ve been doing this, for a whole heap of time..

Follow suit..

Table and chair rentals tip 1: How much wedding furniture do I need?

It is important to have an idea of how many guests you are expecting, , what type of guests, they will be, and what kind of function you’re going to have. According to this, the type and amount of wedding furniture, you might need will change.

For example, if you are expecting toddlers at your wedding, then obviously you will need high chairs in place of normal chairs. And, if you are expecting a bunch of twelve year olds, running around playing hide and seek – then you will children’s chairs

Depending on the type of reception you have as well – you amount of furniture will vary.

For example, if you are going to have a cocktail function, which i becoming extremely popular, these days. Then you will have less seats, because everyone will be walking around, migling more. If you are going to have a more formal reception, where everyone sits down and gets fed – then you know you will have more seating and tables..

Table and chair rentals tip 2: What style will my wedding be?

Depending on your venue, your vision, and the style of your wedding, you will choose your furniture accordingly. So get to know the exact place where your reception will be, the design and style of the venue, will give you an idea of the kind of furniture you will require. Variant furniture is used for out and and indoor places, while a country themed event may not call for the same furniture as a chippendale event. Be wise and crafty in your scheming.

Table and chair rentals tip 3: Choose comfortable chairs.

Some ceremonies, hold long hours. And it’s difficult for anyone, especially those with disabilities to sit on a col, hard stool Children begin to fidget and older people have a hard time sitting around. Order chair rentals that come with a good cushion so that your guests can sit comfortably. If you are not able to find seats that have a cushion built in, order or rent cushions and have your decorator place these inside of each seat the day before the ceremony. Your guests will appreciate being comfortable from the first moment through to the last dance

Consider adding a sofa into your reception. You might not see a lot of it at weddings – but this little comfy piece of furniture will actually provide a nice little lush setting for your guests to rest, this will encourage conversation and add a hint of informality as well.

Table and chair rentals tip 4: Customer service.

Planning a wedding can be a stressful thing – and you don’t want more. Don’t only hire furniture from a company that provides quality furniture, but hire furniture from, a company that is known for its excellent customer service.

Table and chair rentals tip 5: Consider consulting an expert.

If you are having a hard time grasping all the details needed to get all the chairs and table for your wedding, consider hiring an expert? This makes sure you save a lot of fuss and makes sure you get the right equipment in the end. All if you have to do is sit them down and explain your requirements to them, and they will get to work.

And, last but not least, the most important chair and table rental tip of all..

Table and chair rentals tip 6: The Signing table and chairs

The signing of the wedding register is one of the most symbolic moments in a ceremony, so don’t forget to consider the aesthetic and location of your signing table. In most cases a simple  white washed table complement the bride’s dress. Money spent on flowers for the signing table, might be better elsewhere spent. I most cases, the signing table is off to the side, and not a central feature. When the bride and groom are done signing the Registry, the Celebrant may take the bride’s bouquet, and place it decoratively on the front of the table. If it’s windy, don’t put any water in the little vase, if it falls over, it’s going to get the table wet.