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Rugby World Cup 2019 Japan

South Africa is looking forward to the Rugby World Cup 2019 and it is the perfect opportunity for a corporate event. Host a Rugby World Cup 2019 event and hire a large outdoor screen to watch South Africa play the All Blacks on 21 September 2019, as part of the Rugby World Cup. The Rugby World Cup opens 20 September 2019, with 48 Games planned in the Pools, which are being hosted in Japan with a them of “Unity”, kick-starting in Tokyo, Japan’s capital city.  

Rugby World Cup 2019 match pools:

Buy Rugby World Cup 2019 Tickets:

Don’t have RWC tickets? Don’t miss out!!

If you are not able to get tickets to Japan to watch the RWC 2019, then we have you covered. Event Gear specialises in hiring out large or small event sound equipment indoors and outdoors!      

Hire a large outdoor screen to watch the Rugby World Cup 2019 games in September 

Feel as if you were watching the Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan!

We hire large outdoor screens, and outdoors sound systems for you to watch your rugby game, either using your DSTV connection to stream the RWC game or we can hire a temporary connection for you.

For those staying out of the cold, set up a large indoor TV with surround sound to get the full effect of the game.

Hiring a big screen to watch the game is a great way to entertain staff, clients, and as a public event for schools or clubs. Invite friends over, rugby fanatics and support your favourite rugby team

How to hire outdoor screens, TV’s, sound equipment and TV’s for the Rugby World Cup:

Send us an email or give us a call.

Process to book an outdoor or indoor screen, LED TV and or sound system for your Rugby World Cup event

Step 1: Phone or email us to book a screen, TV or sound system for the event giving us the following information:

  • Date of the event. Event equipment can be hired per day, or per multiple days
  • Venue
  • Area of event e.g. is this an outdoor event or indoor event
  • Number of guests attending the function – we need to know how big the area is that you need to cover
  • What are your expectations for the evening/day/event to help us cover all your needs
  • Will you need:



Sound equipment

Screens & Audiovisual equipment

  • Please can you give us a description of your event as you see it, so that we can make an accurate quote

Would you like to add in an after-the-game-party for your guests? Event Gear has all the sound equipment you will need to host an awesome party for your guests, using your playlist of favourite songs!

Tokyo, hosting the opening of the Rugby World Cup 2019

Screens and TVs available to set up a Rugby World Cup 2019 Event:

We hire out:

  • LED flat screen TV’s
  • Indoor and outdoor screens
  • Waterproof LED wall screens
  • LED flat screen sizes for hire: 30” 40” 50” 60” 65” 70” 100”
  • LED wall TV sizes: 3m x 2m; 4m x 3m, 5m x 6m, custom sizes to request
  • Projectors for hire – we have various sizes
  • Projection screens from 8ft x 6ft 12ft x 9ft , 13ft x 10ft , 6m x 4m