Staging Equipment Hire, Trussing, Rigging and Set building in Johannesburg

Staging equipment hire for set building, based in Johannesburg.  The first thing that your audience sees is the stage which raises the presenter or your favorite artist above the head height of the audience so that he or she is visible to everyone.

Under the term staging we also include services like trussing, rigging and set building. If you are needing to hire staging, trussing, rigging and set building equipment from experienced staging experts, contact us for a quote.

Please note that every stage above the height of 500mm needs to be signed off by a structural engineer and a certificate of compliance needs to be issued. Handrails need to be fitted to the back, the left and right hand side of the stage as well as the steps.

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Staging equipment for hire

  • Wooden decks 2.4m x 1.2m
  • Handrails for events and staging
  • Wheelchair ramps
  • Revolves
  • Dance floors
  • Fashion ramps
  • Stage car ramps
  • Ground support
  • Electric hoisting motors
  • Structural engineers certificates



  • Aluminium decks 2m x 1m
  • Stairs for stages
  • Black or white ABS sheeting
  • Set building
  • Event flooring
  • Round stages
  • Trussing
  • Scaffolding
  • Perspex podiums
  • Qualified riggers

Stage lighting has multiple functions, including:

  • Selective visibility: The ability to see what is occurring on stage. Any stage lighting design will be ineffective if the viewers cannot see the characters, unless this is the explicit intent.
  • Focus: Directing the audience’s attention to an area of the stage or distracting them from another.
  • Mood: Setting the tone of a scene. The correct stage lighting setup can set the mood for any indoor or outdoor event.
  • Location and time of day: Establishing or altering position in time and space. Stage lighting using the colour schemes “Blues” can suggest night time while “orange” and “red” can suggest a sunrise or sunset. Stage lighting using the effect of gobos to project sky scenes, the Moon, etc.
  • Projection/stage elements: Stage Lighting may be used to project scenery or to act as scenery on stage.
  • Plot (script): A lighting event may trigger or advance the action on stage and off.
  • Composition: Lighting may be used to show only the areas of the stage which the designer wants the audience to see, and to “paint a picture”.
  • Effect: In pop and rock concerts or DJ shows or Raves, colored lights and lasers may be used as a visual effect.

Stage Lighting design is an art form, and thus no one way is the “correct” way.

Lighting equipment for hire