Themed Parties

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Theme party event equipment can make your event go from ow! to WOW!

Themed events such as end-year functions, international sporting events, a 50th birthday party, 13th party…… we make it so much easier for you by providing a central point of coordination, having built up an array of networking contacts to make your themed event a success.

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Ideas for a themed party or event include:

Glow in the dark themed party – using special uplighting, glow lights, music and sound equipment, and decor to match

Glow in the dark tunnel or entrance for your guests to move through

A Shebeen themed event, where your area is set up as a shebeen, with a really authentic feel. Add a Jazz band in for glitz!

We hire out staging, sound equipment, audio-visual equipment for your themed event.

13th birthday party themed event – Glow in the Dark party with lighting

Colourful and vibrant shebeen theme

Themed party equipment for hire, we can help you create a fantastic themed party

Shake it up shebeen style

unique experience awaits you with colourful and vibrant shebeen evenings.

Surrounded by a living set of shacks, shebeens and spaza shops all your senses will be tantalized in a mind-blowing event.

See it

From Sdumo’s spaza shop selling everything from Omo to snuff to Queenie’s Hair Salon specialising in ‘Cheeskops’ and “Bebop’ haircuts to Siyephi’s shebeen where you will be welcomed with “shake-shakecarton beer or can savour an ice cold Zamalek Quartz beer, your eyes will be met with an authentic township scene.

In one corner you can play “malabalaba’ seated on an old taxi seat and a couple of beer crates, and in another chickens are for sale at a corrugated iron shack complete with old car tyres and pumpkins on the roof.

Hear it

The jazzy sounds of saxophone fill the air as Bambalela Jazz band entertain you with township jazz favourites made famous in the beer halls and taverns of Sophia Town and Soweto. Nonhlanhla the lead singer will perform her own special rendition of Pata Pata to get you up and dancing as well as lots of others.

The lively sounds of the pennywhistle take you back to the streets of Sophia Town where the toe-tapping rhythms will captivate and entrance you … and your host will teach you the essentials of tsotsi taal and when to use … eish!

Feel it

The fast paced pumping rhythms of township jive and kwaito music will make you want to dance as a group of colourful township dancers burst into the venue and begin to perform in and amongst your tables, taking you back to the era of Kwela and Swing with their Sophia Town jive and vibrant mapantsula dancing.

Experience it

fun and vibrant evening like no other, guests can sit back and relaxhave fun and soak up the atmosphere … or join in lahlumlenze and do “ama-getdowns” on the dance floor and party the night away.

What we say

Whether your venue is a conference room, outside under a tree or on a rooftop in Jozi, African Frenzy will customise your special event into a fabulous shebeen evening.

Experience our rich township culture in a unique and colourful evening where everyone shares in an unforgettable event.


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Themed party event gear for hire includes:

Sound equipment hire:

  • Microphones
  • Microphones stands
  • CD players
  • Speakers
  • DI boxes
  • Graphic equalizers
  • Speaker stands
  • Drum kit microphones
  • Sound mixing console
  • Sub-woofers
  • Amplifiers
  • Audio recording
  • Crossovers
  • USB PC sound

Other event gear for themed parties:

  • Staging
  • Trussing
  • Lighting
  • Stage lighting
  • Fairy lights
  • Decor
  • Furniture
  • Spot lights
  • Modelling ramps
  • Park-hands lighting
  • Trusses for banners

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